television sucks me in, at least a little (well, it was probably inevitable)

I have not watched TV since sometime in the 1990s. Well, I own a television set, which I use to watch DVDs, and sometimes I watch TV shows on DVD (Ellery Queen, Nero Wolfe, Firefly… that may be it).

I should add that I’m not one of those “I can’t abide the television — I’d rather listen to Mozart and read the immortal Bard while sipping cognac” type of people. I don’t object to television — I just tend to spend too much time watching it when I have one around.

And now, from what I understand, it’s got a lot more complex. There’s cable, of course, but there’s also streaming services and devices and all sorts of new stuff that I’m so happy not to have to know about.

So, I was going along fine, not worrying about any of this, when they got me.

Doom Patrol.

Damn — I couldn’t resist that. Somebody is making a TV series about the Doom Patrol! I remember when they started (1965 or so), and then when they got really weird (in the 1980s). What a gang of misfits and weirdos (as I talked about here).

So (sigh) I gave in. Why pretend to hold out when you know you’re going to give in eventually? I’ve subscribed to something called DC Universe, which is an app on my tablet (so, I can avoid the more complicated technology that I assume would make the show appear on my TV). The app offers all sorts of things that I don’t understand or care about, but it offers the Doom Patrol.

And I like that it delivers a new episode every week, as opposed to this newfangled binge-ing (how do you even spell that?) stuff. Serial stories should be enjoyed serially — you shouldn’t ever have the option of jumping ahead.

I just watched the first episode again (which is what you do when you can’t just jump to the next one), and I liked it even better than when I watched it the first time. Not great, so far, but worth definitely following. Funny and tragic and bonkers in pretty much equal portions — that’s the correct recipe for the Doom Patrol.

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