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I was somewhat interested when I read this:

Can Bullet Journaling Save You?

I remembered that Maggie, over at Maggie Madly Writing wrote about bullet journals a while back.

So, I read the New Yorker article in that casual way you read about other people’s obsessions, the ones that you’re pretty sure you’ll never share. You know, like collecting porcelain figurines, or visiting every state capital, or tidying.

And that was pretty much the case. Bullet journaling seems to be focused around having only one journal and To Do list, with everything neatly organized and cross-referenced.

My two main objections, on a visceral level, would be 1) what if I get confused and mark something the wrong way, or write something in cursive that I should have written in block letters (even apart from whether I even remember how to write in cursive), and 2) (this is the big one) what if I get everything all perfectly organized into one book, one supremely curated Book of Me, and then I lose it, or it’s stolen, or… AARRGH! (as Charlie Brown used to say).

So, no.

But the New Yorker piece did have this.

“I just love crossing things off a list,” Barlettano said. “I used to put things on my to-do list after I’ve done them, just so that I can cross them out.”

I always get (very mildly) alarmed when I read about somebody doing this, since it makes it seem like it might be unusual in some way. I mean, everybody does that, right?

Later: Writing in multiple notebooks always reminds me of Agatha Christie, who started a new notebook for every story, and then she left them around the house. Wherever she was sitting on a particular day, she picked up the notebook that was nearest to her and worked on that story.

Seems sensible to me.

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