file cards are fun

I’ve written using file cards before, and it never lasts. I buy a stack of new file cards, sometimes in different colors, and use them to write plot points and scenes and ideas, which I can then sort and reorder as the story develops. Vladimir Nabokov wrote at least some of his novels this way.

It never lasts with me — at least so far. I always set up a system with the cards, sometimes a fairly elaborate one, and then I move on, often right away, to develop the project on paper or on the computer.

But right now I’m getting a lot done with a new set of file cards (and a couple of nice new gel pens, too). I’m working on the third in my current series of Jan Sleet stories, set in Claremont, Massachusetts (check out “The Marvel Murder Case” and “The Town Hall Mystery“).

We’ll see if I stick with the cards this time. So far I’m getting a lot done on the new story (which does not yet have a title — it involves a possibly-haunted house).

Oh, and the reason that my first comment above is crossed out is because I really like to reserve “I have a love/hate relationship…” comments for situations that really involve love and hate. “Some dislike/some dislike” may be less catchy, but it’s often more accurate.

(I also reserve “LOL” for situations where I actually laughed out loud.)

As I was writing this, Kristan Hoffman wrote a post on her blog about Les Misérables, so of course I had to respond. I’ve written about Les Mis a few times here in its various forms, though I admit that my plan to read the book hasn’t panned out — at least so far…

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