information, some more useful and some less

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of information about the current situation, and I found this to be particularly clear and helpful:

How to Practice Social Distancing

And it links to this:

How to Wash Your Hands

Other than that, I’m working at home, and going out for walks when I can. Keeping informed without drowning in information (I learned that after 9/11 — keep the radio on for a while, then turn it off for a longer while). I thought I’d want music when working, and sometimes I turn it on, but I’m also fine with silence.

I’m still thinking about my new story, and I plan to start posting it soon.

One thing I’ve been enjoying is a movie called Clue. The TV Tropes website said it’s “[q]uite possibly the best movie based on a board game ever made in 1985.”

What can I say — sometimes you want a carefully constructed, thoughtful, well-acted murder mystery. Other times you want to see Martin Mull get hit on the head with an ironing board.

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