in which i read some blog posts from 2015

One thing about having had this blog for so long is that I sometimes find old blog posts and I only barely remember writing them. It seems I was on a pretty good roll back in late spring of 2015.

First I searched for what I had written about Coherence, an excellent low budget (almost no-budget) science fiction movie. It struck me that it was rather appropriate to the pandemic and quarantining. I wrote about it here (along with “performative statements,” which are cool).

I started to poke around right before and after that blog post, and I found these:

1) “Blew up the Internet”? In your dreams (in which I talk about artists and related subjects).

2) Ten-Sentence Flash Fiction (in which I write a really short story, much to my surprise)

3) Ornette Coleman (1930-2015), which then led back to this one from 2014:

4) Neil and Ornette and me.

I think my mother’s thoughts about artists from #1 and mine from #4 (taken from Ornette Coleman and Neil Gaiman) go together pretty nicely.

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