Jan Sleet

This week's featured character is Jan Sleet.

Jan Sleet's goal in life is to solve mysteries. She's also a reporter – that's her occupation, but that's mostly because it gets her into situations where there are mysteries to be solved, and it pays the bills.

The bills include the salary of her assistant Marshall (is this his first name? his last name? does he even have another name? this is a mystery the great detective doesn't seem to have much interest in solving). Marshall could probably be accurately described as "long-suffering."

Jan Sleet is the daughter of a college professor and a lunatic, and Marshall has been known to observe that it's not always clear which one she more resembles.

In appearance, she is six feet tall, skinny almost to the point of emaciation, with a thin face, lank brown hair and glasses. She is lame in one leg and walks with a cane. She sometimes fantasizes about what it would be like to carry a sword cane, but so far Marshall has been successful in preventing her from buying one. She always dresses in well-tailored three-piece suits. If she is feeling particularly relaxed, she may loosen her tie.

Like many of the detectives she models herself on, she is convinced that tobacco aids the ratiocinative processes. Cigarettes are fine for regular thinking, but really complex cases require a pipe.

Jan Sleet's first appearance is in A Sane Woman, in Chapter Twelve. When we first see her, she is waking Marshall up a little after four o'clock in the morning. There is a mystery to solve.

Her first appearance in U-town is right near the beginning, in the Prologue. She is sitting on a subway train, reading a magazine, not realizing that she has gone way past her stop.

She is currently appearing in a series of mystery stories.

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