questions about men who hate women

I've been reading Men Who Hate Women (aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and I have a few questions.

Why do I need to know the manufacturer of every consumer device in the book?

Why do I need to know so many technical details about Salander's computers? (This part is particularly funny because the only real effect is to make the book seem completely out-of-date, since the "top of the line" has moved a lot in the last five years.)

Why is so much being told and so little being shown? (At times it reminds me of Wonder Boys; I expect any minute to come to the dental records and the genealogies of the horses.)

Why is Salander described in so much detail (including her "slender bones" and her "childlike breasts") but Blomkvist isn't described at all?

Why am I getting so much information about characters I've not been given any reason to care about?

Why is so much geographical detail being given when it would be so much easier to have a map? (Actually, a family tree would be a good idea, too.)

I was very surprised and pleased when a very traditional Agatha Christie-style mystery suddenly manifested in the middle of the book (a crime happens in an area which is completely cut off from the rest of the world – so there is, apparently, a finite set of suspects). Will this mystery actually be solved? I hope so, and I even have a few ideas, but it's early yet.

Will Salander and Blomkvist ever meet? I expect they will (though it will be interesting if they don't). I even have a premonition they they will become lovers, which will be unfortunate and (duh!) predictable.

In a related question, is Blomkvist going to sleep with every women he meets?

Was the name changed from Men Who Hate Women to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because the latter was considered more commercial or because the former gives away too much?

I look forward to the movie, which comes out on DVD on July 6, since at least some of these problems will have been solved there.

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