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The good news today is that you can now buy the excellent film Let the Right One In with the correct subtitles. Amazon has had a blurb for a while saying that if you ordered the DVD, you might get the regular subtitles (booo!), or you might get the theatrical subtitles (yay!). (Google "Let the Right One In subtitles" to find out the scoop.)

Now they will send you the correct version. Yes, I bought it again, and watched it, and enjoyed it even more than before. The box quotes the Washington Examiner saying, "Best. Vampire Movie. Ever." Not sure I'd be so definitive, but I can't think of one that's better.

(Not to be confused with the upcoming crappy Hollywood remake.)

In other Swedish news, I finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Well, I confess I skimmed the last 100 pages or so. The villain is revealed on page 438, the villain is dispatched on page 459, and the final mystery is solved on page 487. And then the book goes on for another 103 pages. Many of which consist of emails the characters write to each other.

I may write more about the book at some point, but I will mention that it is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week, and there's an interesting sidebar called "Did Larsson Have a Problem with Women?" by Missy Schwartz. It doesn't seem to be online for some reason – but if it's posted later I will add a link here (link). I think the piece makes some good points. (By the way, I do think Ms. Schwartz may be wrong about Salander getting breast implants – I read that scene as saying that she was wearing falsies as part of a disguise. As I say, though, I was skimming, so maybe I missed the implants. If I'm wrong, that just shows how far things went off the tracks at the end.)

I am still looking forward to the movie (out soon on DVD, not to be confused with the upcoming Hollywood remake).

In news with no direct connection with Sweden, there is more of "The Sister Mystery" posted. The new parts begin here.

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