I’ve been writing down scenes and ideas as they occur to me, but so far nothing has coalesced for a new story.

The other thing I’ve been doing is re-reading the first three stories in the current series (“The Marvel Murder Case,” “The Town Hall Mystery,” and “The Heron Island Mystery“), mostly because I knew there were some threads which I wanted to pick up again, but I also found some little, tiny glitches here and there (word choice, punctuation, etc.).

So, I’m thinking this would be a good time to go back and fix those. Not for the “Heron Island” story — it’s too soon to work on that one again — but the other two could benefit from a little (just a very little) polishing.

Also, having gone back and re-read the first two stories, I’m starting to feel that the story which should come next is not the one I’ve been assuming I ought to be writing…

Anyway, following up on my last post, Legends of Tomorrow has just had their 100th episode, and it was wonderful.

Gideon, who was the AI on the team’s (now destroyed) ship the Waverider, has now joined the team as an actual person, and the episode was a trip through her memories, including a lot of appearances by actors who are no longer on the show. It was nice to see all the familiar faces again, and the episode made excellent use of the fact that Amy Louise Pemberton, who has played Gideon since the first episode of the show, has a really good singing voice. There are also a couple of inside jokes based on the fact that over the years the show has had a lot of British actors playing American characters.

Also, regarding Doom Patrol, I loved this clip (and the episode it’s in). The young girl in the woods is Kay. She’s the core personality of Jane, who has 64 personas, all created to protect Kay, who was a victim of abuse growing up. She (Kay) usually stays in the Underground (Jane’s subconscious), but obviously she hears what Jane hears, and she decides to start dancing to the music, prompting Jane and then the other characters to dance also.

(I also love how Rita, the second person to start dancing in the real world, begins by standing, squaring her shoulders, clenching her fists for a second, and then moving forward onto the dance floor. She’s a studio-trained Hollywood actress, and that’s a nice moment of her “getting into character” for the scene.)

One thing that’s been new in this season is that Kay, who barely spoke in the first season, is becoming much more vocal and assertive now. She’s growing up, and healing, and this is unnerving to some of the other personas. This is a very interesting development, and I’m interested to see where it will go.


Also, a propos of nothing, here’s some Arcade Fire:

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