in which i am (a bit) like agatha christie

Here’s an interesting article: “Can ‘Distraction-Free’ Devices Change the Way We Write?

Microsoft Word is a terrible tool for writing, because it’s not designed for it. It’s designed for corporate word processing (and, more recently, simple desktop publishing). It has every tool you could possibly need (well, in theory), and 98% of them are useless, at best, for writing a story, or an article, or a college paper.

But I think the bigger obstacle to getting words out of your head and “on paper” (or wherever) is the internet (and, I guess, more recently social media, although the Web can be plenty distracting even without social media).

After reading this article, I even considered buying myself a reMarkable tablet, but it costs $400 dollars, and it would not be the perfect writing tool for me, because there is no perfect writing tool for me. For me, the best writing tool this week is whatever I wasn’t using last week. I am currently using iA Writer, also mentioned in the article, but of course it won’t last.

To some extent, I’m like Agatha Christie — I write in or on whatever is closest to hand. My current story already exists in several different places, and I’ve started a new section of it in iA Writer, without looking back at what I’ve written before.

* * * *

I do want to see this movie.

Can’t tell that much from a short trailer, of course, but it looks like it might just be, shall we say, a bit Wellesian.

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