on more rereading

I’ve had this blog for a while now.

(In fact, I just checked and I’ve made 965 published posts, dating back to 1999. Damn. That’s actually even more than I expected.)

One result of this longevity (and loquacity) is that I often run into earlier posts which I have no memory of writing (although, at least so far, I’ve never found any which I thought were completely wrong). Also, sometimes I remember writing on a specific topic, but then I can’t find the actual post.

I was thinking about this when I just searched for an earlier post about the benefits, and pleasures, of rereading things, but the post was, fortunately, easy to find: “On Rereading.” I thought of this in relation to the articles from the beginning of the pandemic about people yearning for more and more “content” to binge, as I talked about here.

I think I started watching The Witcher around the beginning of this year, and I’ve watched all eight episodes from the second season, but I’m still focused on it. I’ve watched multiple reaction videos to all the episodes, learning a lot from what other people see and don’t see in each one.

I think my next project will be to go back and watch the first season, which I’ve never seen.

I do not plan to read any of the Witcher books. If I like something enough, even an adaptation, I don’t need or want more information, or, possibly, contradictory information. One example is the movie Let the Right One In, which I like a lot. It’s based on a novel, which is apparently good, but the movie is nearly perfect, and any good story depends on what was left out. Why would I want to undo the (apparently correct) decisions which were made in creating the movie?

(Demonstrating my lack of interest in foolish consistency, however, there is a deleted scene in the movie Gosford Park which is definitely part of my headcanon version of the film. It was removed because it referred to the subplot of the murdered man’s will, but it does show a very nice reconciliation between two of the characters, and I like that.)

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