a new blog and a new device

I'm thinking of creating a unified website, bringing this blog and the utownwriting blog together (though probably leaving the Sane Woman site and the Inherent Vice blogs where they are, at least for now).

WordPress (which I've been using so far) can't really handle the way I would want to keep the fiction and the blog posts separate if they were in the same site, but that will be easier to do with Drupal (which has "blog posts" and "news" and "books" as separate categories). Now I'm trying to decide between a self-hosted site (where I have to do all the maintenance and so on myself – which is a lot of work with a Drupal site) and a hosted site at Drupal Gardens (where all of that would be done for me, but where I would have fewer options for the site).

I will decide at some point soon. There are two new stories which are coming together, and if the new site isn't ready I'll start to post one of them at the utownwriting site.

On another subject, I've been thinking more and more that the new Wifi Kindle may well be the best Palm replacement I'll be able to get. The problem is that there aren't really any PDAs any more which aren't phones. I like a device for reading and writing, and there's no reason it has to be a phone (with the monthly charges that phones have).

The Kindle won't fit in my pocket, but:

  • It's not a phone
  • It's cheap
  • They don't make (non-phone) Palms anymore
  • You can add your own content to it via USB (for free)
  • You can add comments to the content (like writing in the margins of a real book)
  • It's cheap

Of course, they're not available yet, so we'll see. But it looks likely.

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