journal 9/16/04

A couple of follow-ups on my 9/11 post:

Johnny Ramone just died, of cancer. Only one member of the original band is still alive. It's a strange coincidence, since I just saw the movie and Johnny comes across as such a specific personality in the movie (one review called him the most vivid character in the film). Saying that he didn't go see Joey when he was dying because that's how *he* would want to be treated (since they didn't get along), saying "God Bless President Bush" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony (but not mentioning Joey), analyzing himself for "weakness" because he was depressed for a week when Joey died, saying that only once (the Clash) did he hear a band that he thought was as good as his.

On another front, even within the standards of television (none) and even with all the other exploitation of 9/11/01 which goes on, I still find it offensive that HBO is putting on some movie about how the Yankees' victory in the 2001 World Series helped the city heal. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know the Yankees had won in 2001 until I heard an ad for the movie a couple of days ago. Nobody I knew was talking about baseball in the fall of 2001, and I don't think anybody would be consoled for losing a loved on by a baseball victory. Plus, this is a two-team town, and approximately 1/2 the baseball fans around here hate the Yankees. It's a fairly minor misuse of those events, I know, compared to countries being invaded and people being killed, but it still annoys me. But, of course, HBO doesn't care what I think, I don't even own a television.

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