the jan sleet mysteries

I'm writing a series of mystery stories. The main character is Jan Sleet, a reporter and amateur detective. The stories are narrated by Marshall, her long-suffering assistant. Jan and Marshall first appeared in A Sane Woman. They appeared in U-town as well, though they did not solve any mysteries in that book.

Jan Sleet is also a major character in my newest story, Stevie One.

These stories take place after the two novels. They take place in and around U-town. If you want to know more about U-town (the place), then you can read U-town (the novel), but you'll learn the important parts as you read the mysteries.

Mystery Stories:

  1. the hospital mystery
  2. the vampire mystery
  3. the college mystery
  4. the church mystery
  5. the school mystery
  6. the golden mystery
  7. the sister mystery
  8. the rock band mystery
  9. the mystery of the quiet people

For a printable file of the entire series, go here.

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