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A Sane Woman

A Sane Woman is a mystery story.

First, we’ll meet the characters, including a proofreader, a school teacher, a famous novelist, a successful lawyer and two teenage girls, one a record store clerk and the other a runaway.

And then they’ll start to vanish, one by one.

The detective is named Jan Sleet, but she doesn’t come in until toward the end, with her trusted assistant Marshall. And when she solves it, it’s because she’s really trying to solve a very different mystery instead.


U-town is a gritty, urban, magical realist story. It takes place after A Sane Woman, but you can enjoy and understand it without having read the other book.

Many characters from the earlier novel show up. Two (Jan Sleet and Marshall) are major characters, several others show up briefly.

There are many other characters, including the members of a rock and roll band, a mysterious motorcycle gang, various people who seem to spend all their time in bars, a nationally known mass murderer, a very small girl with abnormal physical strength and high, pointed ears like an elf, and a dog named Daphne. And the most powerful being in the universe.

U-town itself may be quite close to where you live, though you won’t see it on any official maps, and it’s difficult to get there by subway (though it can be done). However they get there, some people really like it and never want to leave. Others don’t care for it at all.

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