Reactions from Readers

"I finished A Sane Woman. I have to say, I NEVER saw the ending coming. It was brilliantly written, and I enjoyed it tremendously."

Emerald Barnes

"I received A Sane Woman in the mail late yesterday and just finished it... I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it... If I didn't have other commitments I would have read it from cover to cover and not put it down. I can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. I am hoping that he won't make me wait 15 years for his next episode, as the ending of this book leads me to believe his story is not complete... Buy this book guys, I don't think you will regret it. Great job! Thanks for the escape."

– K. Roney

"I've gotten really wrapped up in A Sane Woman. Very impressed with the way you write – how you sneak in significant facts by subtle allusions to detail. [...] Overall, it's very compelling and yet economical, which makes it a great read. The capturings of small things show character vividly."

– a reader

"I enjoyed A Sane Woman. Keep writing, my friend."

– Claudia Upton

"First of all, congratulations on going back to finish something you started so many years ago. The strongest aspects of this were the mechanics (if that’s the right word) of your writing; sentence structure, choice of words and keeping a consistently straightforward tone in the narrative. This is the fundamental stuff that makes something readable or not, right? In this area, it’s strong. It was also strong in attention to detail. I mentioned something about this a while ago when I started reading it. There are descriptive moments having to do with coffee mugs or newspapers or what have you that make the scenes come to life."

– Don Everett Pearce