Vicki Wasserman

This week's featured character is Vicki Wasserman.

Vicki is fifteen years old when we first meet her, with long, straight dark hair and green eyes. She is also about three and a half feet tall, with high pointed ears and enough physical strength to life one end of a car off the pavement. She has been suddenly transported from the small town where she has been living with relatives to a large city.

Both the changes to her body and the change to her location have happened without notice or explanation, but this doesn't seem to bother her at all.

She was once heard to comment that, "There's no place like home. Thank God."

Vicki doesn't appear in A Sane Woman.

Her first appearance in U-town is at the very beginning, on the bridge into U-town.

In the third novel we will see her first at a slightly earlier point in her life. She is with her adopted family, returning home drunk from a family evening of carousing, a common event in the Wasserman family.

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