curiously difficult (a writing prompt)

I don't usually do writing prompts, but I thought of something when Klaus Ming over at "movie reviews in around 100 words or less" reviewed the various X-Men movies, and we talked about how the relationship between Wolverine and Rogue, which was really the central relationship in the first movie, was reduced to an adolescent crush in movie #2. This made me think (again) of how there are very few movies which show friendships between men and women, or any relationship between a man and a woman that is neither romantic nor familial. Though of course those friendships are quite common in real life.

Much more standard are movies that show long-time friendships which, seemingly inevitably, end up in romance before the end of the movie, usually after one of the two has decided to marry somebody else.

Some people insist that it is difficult for a straight man and a straight woman to be friends without it ending up in romance (or in bed, or both). But I think this is largely because movies and television have been telling us how difficult it is for a very long time.

As it says in the Sarah Caudwell mystery I was just re-reading, "People do what books have taught them to do and feel what books have taught them to feel – it is curiously difficult to do otherwise."

I don't usually do writing prompts, but here's the writing prompt for today. In the next thing you write (or in your work-in-progress), have a friendship between a straight man and a straight woman that does not end up in romance. And if you find it difficult, ask yourself if it is actually difficult, in life, or is it just that you've been told again and again how difficult it is?

By the way, this is related to the "all extra-marital attraction will inevitably be acted upon, sooner or later" point, that I talked about here. It's not exacty the same point, but they reflect the same underlying assumptions.

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