movies and comic books, part two

This is somwhat of a follow-up to last week's post.

1) On the subject of movies, I just posted my review of Orson Welles' Touch of Evil, which you can scroll down to read. The Orson Welles reviews are now again complete.

2) Also on the subject of movies, Klaus over at Movie Reviews in 100 Words or Less just did a post based on an idea I came up with, about "iconic" movie roles, where a specific role is so connected with an actor that if you think of the actor you think of that role. The two examples I offered were Jeff Bridges as the Dude, and Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. Klaus came up with quite a few more.

3) Tamara Paulin wrote a comment on my last post that brought up several interesting points. If I'd responded to it in the comments, my comment would have been longer than the post, so I decided to reply here.

I've definitely seen more movies than read books, and I love movies, so naturally I'm influenced by them.

I like it when I see a movie, connect with it, and then find out it was written and directed by a woman. There aren't that many out there, and I'm not demanding 50/50 representation or anything, but I'm glad there are some.

Oh, definitely. Have you seen Strange Days? One of my favorite movies from the 1990s. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, from a story by James Cameron (it sort of combines the best of both of their talents).

Also, my favorite comic book writer these days is Gail Simone, who wrote Secret Six, which I talked about last week. She started the "Women in Refrigerators" website. She writes great characters (male and female) and her stories have very strong and complex women, but never go in a predictable "girl power!" kind of way.

Sometimes I daydream about someone directing one of my books into film (but not just anyone!)

I've done that.

I'll have to watch The Claim. That one slipped by me, and I do enjoy Sarah Polley. (Go, Canadians!)

Yes, Sarah Polley is excellent. Have you seen The Weight of Water (also directed by Bigelow)? It's one of those movies that takes place half in the present and half in the past. The "past" part, with Sarah Polley, is excellent. The "present" part is good but uneven, but the film is worth seeing.

If you do see The Claim, let me know what you think. I'd love to hear an opninion that isn't filtered (as mine is) through McCabe and Mrs. Miller. Oh, and then you should see McCabe and Mrs. Miller, which has been my favorite movie for nearly 40 years.

4) In other news, Drupal Gardens is nagging at me that I don't update my sites there often enough. The main thing that's over there now is the Ten Pillars of Modern Literature. I think I'll move those posts over here. Maybe I'll do them as mid-week posts.

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