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Just a few quick links today.

There was another post here a couple of days ago, by the way. If you didn't see it, you can scroll down.

The most interesting comments I've seen this week were for a post called "Links on the portrayal of race and gender in the media" over at T.S. Bazelli's blog.

A bunch of Indie YA writers ("Indie"=independent, "YA"=young adult) have formed a blog together to share their thinking about writing and publishing and promoting young adult fiction. It's called "YA Indie" and Indie writers should check it out.

A couple of specific posts caught my attention:

Oh, and I'll throw in a plug. My friend Alexis is a content editor for Grit City Publications, and they've just published three new titles, two of which she edited (one of them is the first episode of a serial – you know that's the one I bought first!). She blogged about it here.

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