A few updates on topics of (possibly) general interest

1) Following up on my previous post, I have purchased Against the Day for my Kindle. I decided not to buy Inherent Vice right away, since if I did I would almost certainly read that instead of Against the Day, and I really want to give the latter book a fair try.

I've started it (1% through! whoo hoo!), and the beginning is as wonderful as it was the last time, but I know there are parts later which are more difficult to get through. We'll see if they are easier now that I don't have to carry a thousand-page object around in order to read them.

2) There's a new trailer for Resident Evil Retribution I read an article recently where the writer said the Resident Evil series was his guilty pleasure. Well, as regular readers know, I don't believe in guilty pleasures, and Resident Evil is definitely one of my non-guilty ones. I'll write about it in more detail, once I'm finished with Stevie One. (Oh, and I love the music at the beginning of the trailer, and the detail of the aluminum baseball bat.)

(And, yes, if you're new here, this is the blog that has never heard of the idea that some art is "high" and some is "low." 🙂 )

3) Speaking of Stevie One, there's more posted. This is the beginning of Part Seven, which is called "The Solution," so you can probably tell that we're getting near the end.

4) Here's my plan. Stevie One is close to being done. After that, I think I will think about my third novel again. I think I will think about dividing it up into some smaller pieces. Not that the first draft is huge and ungainly, but it is jammed full of people and events, and if I rewrite it now it will be even more so because the mystery stories introduced a lot of new characters who would have to be accounted for. And I think there's a lesson in Stevie One, which is my third attempt to tell the story of Claudia and Erika. It was the first time I really managed to tell their story properly, I think, and I think that's because I focused on them more.

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper with characters, and you can't dig deeper everywhere at the same time.

5) Saturday was Bloomsday! Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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