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1) Last week I talked about Robert Altman's movie A Wedding. Well, I stumbled on a review of a stage version which as done a while back. As an opera, of all things. Directed by Altman himself.

Well, he did spend his last decades trying to do things he'd never done before.

2) Stephen Watkins had a post called "2013: Movies of Interest," and we discussed our various qualms about the upcoming Iron Man movie. Here's my comment on that: "For one thing, is it actually possible to do the Mandarin in some way that isn’t offensive? Certainly in the comics he was very stereotypical. But my bigger qualm is that, based on the trailer, it’s going to be 'Tony the hero has to man up and toughen up to rescue his beloved Pepper, who’s been tied to the railroad tracks and maybe tortured by the evil Asian guy.' Ish. On the other hand, there is another way they could go. In the comics, Pepper has been known to suit up, too. Which nobody would expect from Gwyneth Paltrow… Could be we’ll be seeing Rescue. That would be cool."

Well, as far as the second point goes, that question has been answered. This puts a smile on my face.

As for the other qualm, I've read enough online to say that it seems this reaction was anticipated and dealt with also. (No spoilers here.)

So, I've got to see this one when it comes out.

3) Tech tip for today;

AKLB. Always Keep Local Backups.

I read this: "Can You Live Without Google?" It shows what can happen when you trust Google with all your vital files, without keeping local copies (always a bad idea), and they suddenly decide to lock you out. One easy "backup" is to email files to yourself, but that doesn't help if you use Gmail.

The cloud is all well and good, but AKLB.

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