wordpress frustrates me

Well, generally I like WordPress quite a bit (WordPress is the blogging software that runs this site, and the utownwriting site, and the site for A Sane Woman).

But it doesn't allow PHP code in the actual blog posts. I'm sure there are good reasons (security-related) for this, but it is frustrating. For reasons that will be obvious to anybody who's read The Case of the Four Women, I'm thinking about posting Carly on the utownwriting blog, and finally implementing the original hypertext structure for it. That never happened before, because I was trying to implement it with JavaScript, but that proved impossible. I managed to do it with VBScript, but Internet Explorer is the only browser that supports VBScript (unfortunately). For a while I thought I'd be able to do it in XML, but XML never replaced HTML (as was originally planned), so that never happened either.

But now I have PHP, and that will make it possible to do. But since I can't do it in the blog, it will take longer to set up. But it will be coming soon. (Unless I get lazy and decide to do it in the blog after all, just in a less "elegant" way.)

By the way, "Carly" is a standalone story, though it is also the sixteenth chapter of the novel U-town. But you don't need to read the rest of the novel to understand it.

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