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Here are two links to interesting articles at the New York Times.

1. “Born Again in a Second Language

This is on the very interesting subject of writing in a second language. It reminded me of a piece in the New Yorker several decades ago about Tom Stoppard (by Kenneth Tynan, if I remember correctly). In it, talking about Stoppard and Joseph Conrad, he observed that you have to (I’m paraphrasing) come to a new language in order to write with such hypnotized brilliance.

Nabokov is another example, of course.

Me, I have trouble imagining writing (writing well, anyway) in a language other than English, but of course I can’t really imagine writing like Stoppard or Conrad or Nabokov anyway.

2. The other is a piece about manual typewriters: “I Am TOM. I Like to TYPE. Hear That?

I’m not nostalgic about manual typewriters (as I write this on my Android tablet with my BlueTooth keyboard), but it is definitely true that there’s a tactile pleasure with typewriters (and good pens) and no electronic device can equal.

Also (not from the New York Times):

This is pretty great: “Morrissey and Peanuts, Together at Last

It goes well with 3eanuts

In addition, Amazon just sent me an email recommending more military romances, since that’s what I’m into.

I’m now going to check if someone else has been using my account, since I can’t recall ever buying any military romances.

Or military.

Or romances.

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3 Responses to writing in another language

  1. farahh says:

    I really want to be able to write fiction in English (my third language) But right now, I’m still struggling writing blogs in English 😀

    Things i will never try: write fiction in Japanese >_<

  2. The interesting thing about Beckett, according to the article, is that he did it specifically because it would be difficult. That reminded me of Jack White of the band The White Stripes, who (I think I read this somewhere) said he likes to play guitars which are difficult to play.

    It certainly would make you think about every word, in a way that I know I don’t in English. Not that I’m about to try writing in a different language, but I can see the point. 🙂

    Your blog posts are mostly pretty clean (grammar-wise), but would it be helpful if I mentioned the little glitches when I see them? I could email you or comment, whichever would be better.

  3. farahh says:

    Oh, yes please do, that would be very helpful in improving my writing, thanks before.

    Actually i’m thinking to take creative writing lesson in english. But it’s not available in my country (why would anyone want to take creative writing in other language anyway 🙂 )

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