today’s awesome fact

So, here’s today’s awesome fact (it comes in two parts):

1) I am a big fan of the novel The Diamond Age.

2) I’ve noticed the word “fiona” here and there on the Amazon website, mostly (as far as I can remember) as a directory name.

But then, when I was randomly reading the Wikipedia entry for The Diamond Age, I saw this:

During the early stages of its development, the Amazon Kindle e-reader was codenamed “Fiona”, as a deliberate reference to the Illustrated Primer and Fiona Hackworth.

So, the Kindle was deliberately the first step toward the Primer?

Very cool indeed.

In other, completely unrelated awesome news, I may just need to go see Les Miserables again. 🙂

In other, also unrelated, news, I’m starting to investigate the Fast & Furious movies. More to come about that, but so far so good.

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