quotes challenge #2

"As you get older, and you see friends age and family members die, and then the question of, 'Gee, if we try this improvisation on stage tonight, is there a chance that it might suck?' becomes a lot less important."

Okay, as I reported last time, I found this quote in an article recently, but I apparently didn't bookmark it, or save the URL, or manage to remember who it was about or by, so here it is, from memory.

I do remember that the article was about a group of musicians, not young -- but that's pretty obvious from the quote itself.

I've performed on stage many times. The performances ranged from magically good to dismally bad. None, no matter how bad, came even close to being fatal.

It reminds me of this great quote from Andy Warhol, which I've written about before:

"[I]f you say that artists take 'risks' it's insulting to the men who landed on D-Day, to stuntmen, to baby-sitters, to Evel Knievel, to stepdaughters, to coal miners, and to hitch-hikers, because they're the ones who really know what 'risks' are."

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  1. Maggie says:

    Almost reminds me of that quote about how nobody, while lying on their deathbed, wishes they had spent more time at work. In the face of death, so many things seem insignificant.

  2. Good comparison.

    Orson Welles used to say that artists often create their most powerful work when they’re either young or old (as opposed to in the middle). One of the things that upset him when he got to Hollywood was meeting the great directors who were getting old and who could no longer make movies because the studios thought they were over the hill.

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