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I’ve written a couple of other times recently about my experiments with outlining:

1. “I never outline, except when I do

2. “Adventures in outlining

Well, I found an outlining app that I really like, called Halna Outliner, which works with another app called Halna Mind.

Halna Outliner is a good outliner, and then you can jump to Halna Mind, where you can see your outline basically as a very flexible org chart. You can move the elements around, color code them, collapse and expand them, and so on. Then you switch back to the outliner, and the changes you made in the “mind” program appear in the outline view.

So, very good, and almost immediately I found it restricting. I have a new idea for the story, and my first thought is “Hey. where does this fit into my plan?” — and that’s not exactly conducive to creativity.

So, now I just wrte my new ideas into a text file, and I’ll worry about how they fit into my outline later. Maybe quite a bit later.

To paraphrase the great philosopher Walter Sobchak, “We can’t have a new idea, Dude. That fucks up our plan.”

On a very different topic, if i was a Nook e-reader user, I’d be somewhat nervous right now.

I used to use a Nook tablet, and I bought a few movies in the Nook online store. I recently got an email saying that the Nook online movie store was shutting down, and that:

Effective March 15, 2016, NOOK Video will no longer offer digital movies and television shows for rental or purchase.

However, at the end of the email, it did say:

We will, of course, continue to offer our full service of books, magazines, and newspapers on both NOOK devices and our standalone Reading Apps, and look forward to bringing the best in digital reading to your NOOK experience.

But now I see an article in the Guardian saying that the UK version of the Nook e-book store will close (and customer support in the future will be handed off to a supermarket chain!).

Say what you want about Amazon, and there are definitely things to say, they will probably be in the e-book business for a while.

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