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A few links and stuff:

1) My mother would have got a kick out of this. Glenda Jackson returns to acting after over two decades of being a politician, at the age of 80, playing King Lear, and is apparently magnificent.

2) As I talked about before, it’s been quite enjoyable to watch the various sides of the “Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize and doesn’t seem to notice” story. Tim Parks at the New York Review of Books wrote a good column about it.
(I’ve also read the theory that the Nobel committee, which is apparently very dismissive of American prose fiction writers, gave the award to Dylan to give the finger to American novelists and short story writers — “You’re complaining about how we don’t award Americans? Well, here’s an American for you.” 🙂 .)

3) From the New Yorker: “What Lady Gaga Finds Appealing in Reel-to-Reel
(Gaga’s use of old technology to record her new album reminded me of how, at least back in 2008, Steven Spielberg was continuing to edit his films by actually cutting film, which everybody else gave up on long before.)

4) The Comma Queen addresses the popular topic “affect vs. effect.”

5) And more Comma Queen, addressing the issue of “further vs. farther” (easier to define than “affect” and “effect,” but, as she illustrates, sometimes trickier to apply).

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