sometimes it’s okay to please the fans

I have not seen The Fate of the Furious (which is kind of a stupid name) — though I do want to — but I have caught a couple of spoilers online, and it pleases me immensely that the events of this movie apparently explain a scene in the previous movie which never made any sense to me.

Not in a “Hey, let’s fix that glitch” sort of way, but obviously in a “This is what we were planning to do all along” sort of way.

That pleases me, as it did in the final Resident Evil chapter. Pretty much no reviewers comment on these things, of course, but fans notice and care.

You get those little pleasures less often in big time superhero movies, where more chefs are usually stirring the pots (see Bryan Singer’s continuing efforts to rewrite history to remove X-Men: The Last Stand, which he didn’t write or direct).

But every Resident Evil film has been written by Paul W. S. Anderson, and the last five Fast & Furious movies (the ones where the franchise figured itself out) have all been written by Chris Morgan, so movie-to-movie continuity becomes a lot easier to control.

It doesn’t make the movies better, but it does make them more fun to watch the second and third time.

Coming soon: Part six of “The Bus Station Mystery.” Really.

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