movies, commas, and dreams

1) Klaus over at Ming Movie Reviews has reviewed The Other Side of the Wind, and also They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead (a documentary about the making of The Other Side of the Wind). Very interesting to get insights and impressions from somebody who isn’t a Welles obsessive.

[Update: Klaus posted a much more extensive review of The Other Side of the Wind.]

2) Does it annoy you when a cashier at a drugstore or grocery store refers to you as a “guest” (rather than a customer), or when a train announcer refers to you as a “customer” (rather than a passenger)? Well, the Comma Queen is here for you, as always: “Comma Queen: A Grammarian’s Xmas Gripes

3) In case you were wondering, my enthusiasm for Tangerine Dream continues unabated. Here’s the current lineup, in studio, performing “Identity Proven Matrix”:

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