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A friend sent me this article.

As Tommy Ramone once said, every article he ever read about punk rock (the subject he knew best) had at least one factual innacuracy, so he always assumed that all the other articles he read (about subjects he didn’t know as well) were just as flawed. That’s a pretty good approach.

The floor plan of CBGB’s was changed, when the new stage was built (where the pool table used to be) and the bathrooms were moved downstairs.

Other than that, it’s sort of sad that the old dump is gone, but mostly it’s amazing that it lasted as long as it did. And it sounds like it went out the right way (though the “reading of the names” in “Elegie” was not specific to that performance, on the anniversary CD of “Horses” Patti does that also, listing the band members and family members and so on that she and we have lost).

And, of course, as I may have pointed out before, the floor plan and the floor and so on are the basis for The Quarter in U-town.

I am glad I got to play on that stage a few times (the new one, not the original one, but you can’t have everything).

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