liebster blog award

I am honored to receive the Liebster Blog Award from Maggie over at Maggie Madly Writing.

The rules are:

  1. Thank the blogger that awarded you and link them.
  2. No counter-nominating allowed
  3. Mention up to five other bloggers who you think deserve the award and leave comments on their blogs.
  4. Copy the award to your blog.

I'm going to list the five bloggers I choose to give this award to, but first I should mention that it was very difficult to limit it to five. So, since I gave out the the Irresistibly Sweet Blog award back in June, I decided to pick these five from my favorite blogs who were not on that list (mostly because I discovered them more recently). So, this is not intended to any slight of Alexis, victanguera, Theresa, Kristan, Laura, Mandi, Klaus, Dave, Natalia, Tiyana, Sonje, Farah, Liz, Bryna, or Gracie

I hereby award the Liebster Blog Award to:

  1. Alyson over at The Best Picture Project, who has reviewed every movie ever nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Not the winners, the nominees. All of them (except the few which are not available). But the real achievement is that the reviews are consistently interesting and well written. Having completed her original mission, she is now covering the greatest movies that were snubbed for the award, which is also a very interesting topic.
  2. Stephen at The Undiscovered Author, who offers thoughtful analyses, particularly in the areas of fantasy writing, the writing process in general, and the ever-changing world of publishing (and self-publishing).
  3. Jo at The Happy Logophile, who writes with intelligence and wit about writing and reading and other things, including her life, her sons, and, of course, words.
  4. Emerald Barnes' Dreaming Awake Blog, where Emerald talks about writing, including her own, and also offers book reviews and author interviews. Emerald is an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of indie authors, which is particularly appreciated by those of us who happen to be indie authors.
  5. [[[This space left intentionally blank]]]

So, thanks again, Maggie.


(Oh, and that blank slot up there? That's because the rules don't allow me to give this award to the blogger who gave it to me. Who otherwise would definitely be on this list. I mention no names.)

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