i’ve always been puzzled by google reader

1) I was going to post some links to various articles about Google's decision to close down Google Reader, but there were so many and the story has been so widely reported at this point that I won't bother. Suffice it to say that the articles (let alone the comments) have ranged through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, complaining, protesting, and celebrating.

I've felt a little left out of this because I've never been quite clear what Google Reader does (and I guess it isn't worth trying to find out at this point).

It seems to be an RSS client, but I've also got the idea that it can supply RSS feeds as well (which is where I get confused, since in my mind those are two different ends of the process).

What I do understand is RSS feeds, which I think are wonderful, but I'm not sure why people feel that Reader is irreplaceable. I use RSS every day, both with the NewsFox add-on for Firefox and with gReader for Android (which depends on Google Reader now, but the word is that they will find another solution before Google pulls the plug).

So, if you do use Reader, what are you going to do now? There are a variey of other options, unless I'm missing something.

2) I was pleased to see this: "Orson Welles' F For Fake orchestrates a film-length work of cinematic magic." It's nice to see some recognition for one of Welles' great films (which I reviewed here).

3) On a different level of film, I'm very much looking forward to this (NSFW, very). My rational side says that the wonderfulness of the first one can't be duplicated, but this is the time, before a movie comes out, when hope can triumph over sense. That's the magic of movie trailers.

4) In other news, I think the mystery stories will be done even sooner than planned, since I've been working on the last two ("The Mystery of the Other Patient" and "The Mystery of the Quiet People") and I've finally come to realize that they are two halves of the same mystery (or series of mysteries) about the "quiet people."

Which is fine with me, since it solves all the problems I had of how to transition from one to the other (and I never liked the title "The Mystery of the Other Patient" anyway 🙂 ).

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