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This is a new blog. The main purpose is to encourage people to read my writing, both the two novels which are complete and the new writing I’m doing now. I’m sure I will post about other subjects, too.

I’m not selling the novels, I’m not shopping them, I’m making them available for free.

When I started self-publishing (around 1990), I created little chapbooks and sent them to people (I charged a little money, but it didn’t even cover the costs).

Then I discovered BBSs (about a year later) and I started posting my writing there.

Now, the internet has certain advantages and disadvantages over both of the other methods, but it does allow hypertext, and I’m taking advantage of that in what I’m writing now.

So, I’m still learning the ins and out of this blogging software (WordPress), but it’s very easy to use and install.

I just discovered “pages.” They’re like entries, but the don’t scroll off, they appear as links in the main bar at the top, next to “Home.” So, I’m going to do a page for each novel, like a little summary and plug.

The third novel doesn’t have a real name yet.

Everything on the site, including the novels and the blog, is covered by copyright.

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