susan tumolo

Susan Tumolo was introduced in the story "Carly." Her first appearance was in Part Four. She was the secretary of Mayor Mike Sheldon (known as "Uncle Mike"). After his wife died of cancer, there were rumors in the tabloids about Hizzoner having an affair with his very attractive secretary, but nobody ever produced any evidence. As usual, the newspapers which favored the administration ignored the whole thing, and the papers which favored the opposition party dropped hints whenever they could.

After Uncle Mike disappeared, Miss Tumolo unexpectedly showed up in U-town to warn Doc, Jack, and Ray of a plot against their lives. And then, even more unexpectedly, she decided to stay on in U-town and become a teacher in the school. Jan and Marshall met her there during the school case and the golden mystery.

Despite her attitude of stern disapproval during both of those case, she later brought the mystery of the four women to their attention.

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