let the right avatar into your existenz


Hey, somebody wrote an article about eXistenZ! You can read it here.

Wow. I didn't think anybody remembered that movie other than me. I remember it really well, since I saw it four times in theaters and bought the DVD the day it was released.

My excitement at seeing the article aside, I think the writer is wrong about a couple of things. The biggest one is that I don't think the "game urges" are a commentary on games. As I wrote in my review (click on the spoiler warning at the bottom), Cronenberg is not using games as a metaphor for games, he's using them as a metaphor for movies.

"There are things that have to be said to advance the plot and establish the characters, and those things get said whether you want to say them or not." In other words, characters say the things they have to say in order to get to the next plot point, no matter whether those things are "in character" or not.

I also think the idea behind the "why would anybody want to play this game?" point is in order to beg the question of why we accept the idea of playing games centered around violently murdering other human beings. Why is that considered more entertaining than what Allegra and Ted are going through?


I saw Avatar. I enjoyed it, and I will probably see it again. However, taste (and politics) are different from person to person, so I can see why some people might not like it.

The thing which is really hard to understand is how some people (as described here have seen it and apparently their strongest reaction was, "Oh, gracious, there's smoking!!" That's sad.

On the other hand, Cameron's response is hilariously disingenuous. She's Sigourney Weaver, she smokes, she drinks, she curses, she's rude, and she's Sigourney Weaver. In what way is that not an "an aspirational role model"?

Let the Right One In

Score one for brick-and-mortar stores. Some people bought this (excellent) film on DVD from Amazon recently and got copies with the (coveted) theatrical subtitles. Others continue to receive the (pathetic) original DVD subtitles. Appparently Amazon has two cartons, and they pull one from the first box, one from the second box, etc.

There's no way to be sure which you'll get, except to buy it in a store that sells DVDs (where you can check the description on the back).

That's if there are actually still stores that sell DVDs (especially DVDs of non-blockbuster Swedish pre-teen vampire romance movies). I'll have to look around, since I really don't need another copy with the (pathetic) non-theatrical subtitles.

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