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I’m working on a blog post where I list everything I’ve written, because I’ve written some things, and it would be nice to have a list.

But then I suddenly realized that “The Apartment Mystery” wasn’t available anywhere.

That seemed odd. It’s one of the mystery stories that didn’t make it into the Jan Sleet Mysteries collection, but that didn’t seem to be sufficient reason to suppress it. It’s a perfectly good story — it just wasn’t right for the book.

At first I thought I just couldn’t find it. I’ve had this blog for many years (did I forget my anniversary again?), and I do lose track of things.

But no, some diligent searching revealed that it was indeed missing. So, I went back and looked at an off-line version of the story, and I immediately saw the problem.

When the story got dropped from the book, I swiped a couple of things and used them with other stories.

But the story works fine without them (with a little editing), so here it is: “The Apartment Mystery.” (Hey, it even has diagrams! Memo to self: Do more stories with diagrams.)

And, now that I think of it, there’s one more “missing” story. I’ll (re)post that one next time.

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