a new chapter (incomplete)

Just a short entry tonight. The new chapter, Undertown, is mostly done and up. The rest may be up in the next couple of days. The main issue is that I’m not sure where I want to put the division between this chapter and the next (tentatively named Absolute Beginners).

In this chapter, Pete’s ankle is finally healed enough so that he can get around, and so he goes out with the team, but on a very different trip than the ones they’ve made so far. And Pete and Katherine both contribute to a couple of developments which may save the lives of everybody in U-town.

Once Undertown is complete, things will probably slow down a little (the pace of the writing and posting, not the pace of the story itself, which will actually pick up) since only a little of the next chapter is written, and I have some PHP coding to work on (as mentioned in the previous entry).

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