screens, endings, and beginnings (and dreams)

So, I’ve been somewhat remiss about posting. I’ve thought of some things to post about, but (obviously) didn’t get around to posting them.

So, here they are:

1) What we miss on screens

I thought of this when Dick Dale died. One thing that many obituaries mentioned was how loud he played — beyond a lot of the equipment available at the time. Which of course you don’t get by seeing things on YouTube, like the clip I link to above. And volume is actually an aesthetic element — loud music is not just quiet music with the volume control turned up.

It’s like watching a movie on the TV screen (even if you have a monstrously big television set) versus seeing it in a theater — versus watching it on your phone. They’re actually different experiences — not just more or less.

When I saw the Mona Lisa, I remarked (as many people do) on how small it actually is. Picasso’s Guernica wouldn’t be the same if it was Mona Lisa-sized, but when you look at them on Wikipedia, they seem about the same.

I think of that in relation to Tangerine Dream, too (I’m still listening to TD to the exclusion of pretty much any other music, by the way). They’re also reported to be very loud in concert — though listening to them on headphones there are some songs which might fool you into thinking they’re background music.

2) Endings

Maggie over at Maggie Madly Writing recently wrote about a book she read which was redeemed by its ending. I’ve been thinking about endings a lot recently, I guess because of Avengers: Endgame (which I haven’t seen, though I’ve seen a lot of the movies which led up to it), and the final season of Game of Thrones (which I’ve never watched). People seem generally satisfied with the Avengers movie, and I’ve seen a variety of reactions to the episodes of Game of Thrones which have aired so far, some quite negative.

People have devoted a decade, more or less, to these two franchises. If the ending fails you, does that make the whole thing wasted time? (Well, I guess to a lot of people these days no bad experience is totally wasted if you can then go on the internet and gripe about it.)

I’m thinking of that in relation to Doom Patrol (still the only “TV” show that I’m watching). Some episodes are great, some are just good, and I do wonder how it will all end (just three more episodes to go). If they screw up the ending, will that weaken the whole experience? I’d say not, but an investment of 15 weeks is very different from 10+ years. But the best episodes (such as “Jane Patrol,” where we actually go inside Jane’s brain and meet quite a few of her 64 personalities in their natural habitat, as it were) are good enough that I’ll still go back and watch them even if the ending stinks.

Of course, the general trend these days is for things (popular things) to go on forever anyway. There will be more Marvel movies, with at least some of the same characters, and I’ve heard there will be Game of Thrones prequels, in some form.

3. Writing

Going slowly, but I’m fine with that. I’m still polishing “The Marvel Murder Case,” and I have several ideas for what will come next. And I have one opening scene written already, because it came to me in a dream.

So, here’s a little more Tangerine Dream, since Linda Spa was pretty under-represented in the two clips I posted before:

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