no character left behind

Periodically, I look over my character list to see who’s due for a blog entry. Eventually I want to have a blog entry for every significant character.

But some characters are difficult to write about without giving away too much information, so that’s one issue. And, when I look over the list, there are some characters who, whether or not they’ve had a blog entry, jump out at me because we haven’t seen them enough in the story itself.

Some of those are because they haven’t fit into this story, but I know they’ll show up later, like Vinnie. We last saw him as a teenage tough in a leather jacket, leaving the town of Ross with Alex. But we know that, since then, he’s gone on to do quite a few different things, but, while he’s been talked about, we haven’t actually seen him. But I have a pretty good idea we will, though not in this novel.

But others are present, on the scene, but haven’t appeared much, like Sarah Little. She’s been seen at a distance, and discussed, but she hasn’t actually had a line of dialogue since A Sane Woman. What’s up with that?

For one thing, there has been a certain amount of discussion of how she’s still hung up on her ex-lover, but is that really true?

And, however she feels about it in general, how does she feel about their recent fling? Seems like that’s a question (or two) worth getting into.

I’m not sure if that will come later in this novel, or if it will come during rewrites. But it should be answered.

With this much going on, this many characters, I do have to be sure not to misplace anything or anybody. As the Dude says, “This is a very complicated case. Lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you’s. Lotta facets, lotta interested parties. Lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands in old Duder’s head.”

Though, unlike the Dude, I’m not adhering to a strict drug regimen to keep my mind limber, which may help. When I finish this draft, the first thing I will do is go back to the beginning (A Sane Woman) and read the whole thing, to see if (as in the movie “Go“) I’ve forgotten about any major characters.

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