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a journey in the dark

More of the new chapter is posted. You can read the new parts starting here, or read the chapter from the beginning.


Mandriva Linux comes with an RSS reader (if that’s even the term) called Akregator. I have never done anything with RSS feeds, but I decided that it was time to take a look. But how does it work, how do you subscribe to the feeds? (RSS feeds, as far as I understand it, is where you can get feeds from blogs and so on pulled to your computer, rather than having to visit each website to see if they’ve updated. It’s more like getting email, where it’s all pulled to one place.)

So, I went to this blog and right clicked on the RSS link on the main page, opening it on a new window. It started to appear, just text and some codes (XML, I believe, and I should remind myself to write about XML at some point), and then Opera asked if I wanted to subscribe to this feed.

So much for Akregator, since it turns out that Opera handles RSS feeds by itself. I subscribed to this blog, and its comments. I subscribed to stormville‘s blog. I thought of subscribing to the LiveJournals of a couple of friends, but I don’t think that would work, since their journals are protected (“Friends Only”) and you have to be logged in to read them. I don’t think that would work with RSS. Also, I’m not sure LJ does RSS.

Also, I discovered that my name here shows up in the feeds as “Administrator” because I never bothered to change it. I think that would be confusing for people who subscribe here, so I changed it.

movie reviews

I’ve been thinking about what will happen here when I finish the draft of the third novel. There will then be a period of rewriting (with the other two novels, this went on for years), and I probably won’t want to post things piecemeal, so I’m not sure what I will talk about in blog entries.

Then it occurred to me that I should take the best of the movie reviews from my movie page (the Robert Altman and Orson Welles reviews, Ghost Dog, Kill Bill, eXistenZ) and post them here. Well, the eXistenZ review I will have to link to, because of the formatting. But the point is to bring the movie reviews here, the ones I’m proudest of, and then eventually take the movie site down (once it’s been picked clean, like the carcass of a Thanksgiving turkey).

new design

As you may have noticed, I decided to change the design (the “theme,” in the WordPress world) of this site. Not because I disliked the previous look (which was a very nice theme called blix), but because I wanted a theme which listed the titles of the most recent entries down the right (or left) side. Blix does that when you visit a specific entry, but not when you go to the main screen. I know there’s a way to get into the PHP code itself and make that happen, but I suspect it’s easier to change the theme itself. I have the idea that once I get into dealing with the PHP code of WordPress, it will eat entirely too much of my time and attention.

So, this design is newsportal, and I like it a lot.

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